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International Students

The General English Elementary - Advanced program will provide you with the English skills and knowledge required to gain employment or take part in further study at Barrington College Australia.

097475G General English Elementary - Advanced Qualification

52 weeks of Full-time study (25 hrs per week)

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Mode of Assessment

This course is delivered full-time (20 hours) in a classroom based environment (Face to face) and 5 hours of supervised independent learning with the help of a trained educator.
Depending on your English level classes are tailored to help you progress through to your desired English Language outcome. The course covers different areas of study such as writing, reading, listening and speaking.  Training in all genres of English from formal, informal, business, academic and personal will help you accelerate your Language skills at the fastest rate possible.

ELICOS English Language Sample Timetable

Course Modules

The rationale of the course is to provide a General English course for students to proceed gradually from Elementary to Advanced level. This course is important in developing students’ language skills in a range of familiar contexts. Every stage has a specific outcome to be attained.

Elementary – Students at this level need to develop basic English language skills, in order for the learners to gain social skills that are necessary to communicate.

Pre-Intermediate - Students at this level need to continue building their vocabulary and grammar repertoire to meet basic survival demands in everyday situations. Students also need to have a range of situations where they can put their language to work.

Intermediate - Students at this level need to continue building their vocabulary and grammar repertoire to meet the academic demands in multiple situations. Students also need to have a range of situations where they can put their language to work.

Upper-Intermediate – Studenst at this level need to build language skills necessary for participation in a wide range of social and vocational activities.

Advanced – Students at this level need to refine their ability to use English grammar accurately. Write extensively on topics of interest.

General English Course, comprehends a 52-week training, 25 hours per week (20 hours in class in face-to-face mode distributed in four days and 5 hours of supervised self-study per week).

Enrolment Dates
We offer weekly intakes into our English programs throughout the year excluding the two week Christmas/ New Year period when the campus is closed.

Entry Requirements

International Students:

Mandatory requirement

  1. Students must be 18 years or older

General English (Elementary to Advanced)

The students willing to take the complete General English ELICOS course, do not require previous knowledge of the English language. However, for those who do have previous experience, they can summit the results of previous examinations for the RTO’s record.

However, for those who do have previous experience, they can submit the results of previous examinations or take a classification test to find the most appropriate level. Also an interview with the staff will be organised, prior to the enrollment process to assess and identify special needs, file reports and trace the most suitable learning path.
All students will be given all the necessary information including the letter of offer, with clear and details concerning the course. They are also given support while studying with Barrington College Australia. This support includes both academic and personal, the policies and procedures ensure that students are aware of the support available. There is no cost to access student support services provided within Barrington College. There are also no costs for a referral to an external support service however accessing services outside Barrington College may incur costs and should be clarified prior to engaging external support services.

How to Enrol – a quick guide

  1. Fill out and submit the Application form for International students (click here for application form).
  2. We will review your application form, if you are accepted, you will receive a Letter of Offer & "Course Acceptance Offer and Written Agreement" via email.
  3. Sign and return via email the Course Acceptance Offer and Written Agreement to Barrington College Australia Admissions Officer together with payment, for the amount specified in the "Letter of Offer" and any other requested documentation. Call us on +617 55625700, if you require any assistance.
  4. Following the receipt of these documents, you will be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment Form (CoE) which will allow you to obtain/renew an Australian Student Visa.

Enrolment Procedure:

Prior to enrolment, prospective students will receive a Letter of Offer which contains information on fees and charges, code of practice and refund policy. The course guide and student handbook are also available on our website. This contains information on entry requirements, the induction and orientation procedure, payment options and unit details. Course content and assessment procedures are explained and vocational outcomes are outlined in the course handbook and covered during the students orientation procedure in the first session.

This course aims to develop basic English language skills, in order to gain social skills in a range of familiar contexts to meet daily communication and cultural need while in Australia.

General English Course is a 5 stage ELICOS (General) program, designed to improve English language skills of the candidates. The course is sub-divided into the following stages: Elementary. Pre-intermediate. Intermediate, Upper intermediate and Advanced. Based on the learner's progress they automatically proceed towards the next stage. Learners with no experience or prior knowledge of the English language may start their journey to understand and express themselves in general and common situations with English speakers.

This nationally recognised qualification is valued by industry. This course, provides a solid foundation for those seeking a career within the industry.


Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of formal recognition for skills and knowledge gained through previous learning such as:

  • Life experiences
  • Previous formal learning
  • Employment
  • Recreational or personal interests

You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning for part or all of your intended study, based on your previous experiences and learning. For more information regarding RPL and how to apply, please discuss this with your educator.

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have previously undertaken training through a Registered Training Organisation. Credit transfer may be granted for one or more units or a full certificate level.

Three major factors need to be considered:

  1. How current the qualification is
  2. Mapping to the current training and
  3. If the training was undertaken with a Registered Training Organisation.

If you think you may be eligible for a credit transfer you will need to provide the following:

  • The original Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate for your educators to sight
  • A copy of the Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate
  • Or a certified copy of your qualification signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP)




Certificate III in EAL

Diploma of Business

Diploma of Business - International Students


Diploma of Hospitality (Sous Chef)

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