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Find out everything you need to know about living in Australia

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Destination Australia!

Find Everything You Need to Know About Living in Australia

This guide will explain and simplify every process for you -- from getting a visa to passing the airport customs safely and finding a student job or a place to live -- and the good thing is, you can always revisit if you need to find your way around something!

Key Takeaways:

  • Student Visas: Everything About All Your Visa Options, Including Instructions on How to Get Through The Process of Getting A Visa Without Much Fuss
  • Important Documents: We'll Provide You With A List of Important Documents You Must Bring With You to Ensure an Easy Landing
  • Finding Job, Transport & Somewhere to Live: Learn To What Extent You're Eligible to Work, Where and How to Find Affordable Place to Crash, Or How to Get Around Public Transport
  • The List Doesn't End Here.

Did you know?

You may require a special document confirming your laptop is bought for personal use only to get it through the customs.


This guide will keep you safe from unpleasant surprises, and answer all your questions in detail and provide additional resources and detailed instructions for each part of your journey.

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