Hybrid Study Model

We mix the best of classroom and online learning models, bringing you training that fits neatly into your lifestyle without the sacrifices that can be a part of some  standard, classroom courses.

At Barrington College you can combine both. We now offer three career diplomas, entirely available in a personalised online learning environment.

In as little as 12-24 months, studying only 8-10 hours per week on your own schedule, you can earn your…


Diploma of Business

Diploma of Human Resources Management

Diploma of Leadership and Management

How does it work?

Barrington College has developed a unique hybrid learning system through years of experience with our previous students. These students have earned qualifications both online and in the classroom, they told us what worked for them specific to Barrington Colleges coursework.

This gives us key insight into how people learn best in the context of our unique learning environment.

We use this insight to mix the best of classroom and online learning models. Providing the training you want that fits neatly into your work schedule or lifestyle … without the sacrifices that are usually part of standard classroom coursework.



It’s a sad statistic… but many students taking online courses at other institutions have high drop out rates. We think this is because students are not motivated, nurtured or supported during their coursework. You won’t find statistics like those at Barrington College.

We know that to get the best possible results, you need support and motivation to succeed. You also need someone reminding you of your vision to land that dream job.

So why sit through classroom-based learning … at higher cost … without flexible learning?


Fit in around your current life style and the things you love to do, our online course are designed for study/life balance.


Blending the convenience of online learning with close support from highly experienced and caring teachers.

Cost Effective

Much cheaper than classroom based learning, our online course offer huge cost saving, and we offer affordable easy payment plans.


Continuous feedback on every element, our online course won’t leave you feeling like your doing it alone.

Barrington College’s hybrid online courses provide…


  • Learning from anywhere: at home, a coffee shop, local library, or on vacation.
  • An assessment/review of your work-life experiences for potential Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) opportunities.
  • Learning that fits into your current lifestyle and the things you love to do, with flexible scheduling part time or full time education – the choice is up to you.
  • Blend the convenience of online learning with close support from experienced, caring educators.
  • Cost effective learning rather than traditional classroom-based learning, while keeping classroom benefits.
  • Continuous feedback throughout your course.
  • Entry level qualifications providing pathways into University with credits.
  • Reduced cost of a traditional education experience.

Courses Available Online

We offer all the following courses with a choice of both online and classroom based learning. Please contact us if you wish to find out anymore information about the courses or to enrol.

Hospitality and Event Management


image 1

Diploma of Business


The Diploma of Business provides you with a strong foundation to gain employment, up-skill for a promotion, or start your own business.

image 2

Diploma of Human Resources


The Diploma of Human Resources enhances technical skills and develops an awareness of the latest approaches and practices within the human resources and training sectors.

Diploma of Event Management

Diploma of Business

This diploma requires an enhanced skill set, as you are dealing with staff members and other managers, in matters such as assigning tasks and priorities, as well as being involved in strategic business decisions.

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