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What is a School Based Traineeship?

Student and Parent Information

School based traineeships and apprenticeships (SATs) allow high school students to work for an employer, train towards a recognised qualification and complete their secondary school studies. The traineeships are available across a range of industries and provide students with increased future employment opportunities.


To engage and support students through developing the knowledge and skills required to work effectively in industry

  • To create a pathway for students pursuing further education and / or employment as they transition into the working world.
  • To provide a supportive environment creating a mutually position experience for (host) employers and trainees.
  • To provide quality programs that link vocational training with the school sector and Australia industry.
  • To engage with quality businesses to participate in the development of their workforce and support retention rates for (host) employers



Completion of a SAT gives you valuable points towards your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). The number of points acquired will depend upon the type and level of certificate completed, but is always at least four points.

As well as obtaining a Certificate level qualification, School Based Traineeships can be used towards your ATAR score and increases your chances for entry into a Higher Education Course or University.

Wide Range of Subsidised Options Available

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