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“It has been an amazing experience learning at Barrington College. Great college, great facilities and everyone is lovely. I have learnt a lot over the last two years and I'm excited to put it into practice. Thank you!”

- Charlotte Hope Young -

“Since the first moment I stepped into Barrington, I have been met with nothing but proficiency and enthusiasm.  The well-designed pathways are the best fit for my South Korean students. The faculty and staff at Barrington are top rate, more than supportive. This school has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need and a lot of new experience for them to explore. I am glad that I made the decision to cooperate with Barrington. I believe Barrington is never going to let anyone down.”

- Anna -

"It has been wonderful to work with Barrington College - all communication was professional and clear. I completed the RPL process to obtain my Diploma and everything was clearly mapped, evidence guidelines easily followed and responses to questions were prompt. When completing RPL's for work related study, timelines are paramount, and Barrington was instrumental in ensuring everything ran as smoothly as possible"

- Luisa -

“My experience with Barrington College could not have been
better. The classes were inclusive and interactive with both
self-study and group work. The course was great in the fact
that it did not impede on other school classes and most of the
study was completed during class time. I had no idea what I
was going to study at university, but I found such an interest in
business through my diploma studies that I chose to enroll in a
Bachelor of Business at university.”

- Callum Moloney - [Diploma of Business - In-School Program]

(Former student at Somerset College) 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my study experience with Barrington College - they have great trainers with years of industry experience and its such a friendly campus. I completed my industry placement at the luxurious Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, which was a great experience and has helped to advance my career as a chef. My next career step is with the Star Sydney.

I Highly recommend Barrington College and the Gold Coast to international students who are seeking a uniquely Australian study and lifestyle experience.”

- CH Bujin - [Commercial Cookery program]


“I commenced my studies with Barrington College in July 2014. My Certificate III in Hospitality fast tracked me 6-12 months ahead of my co-workers and qualified me for a higher pay rate. I couldn’t have been happier with the head start Barrington College has provided me. Fast forward 2 years, now under the guidance of Katrina Thompson I’m studying a Diploma in Hospitality. I own two stalls in the world-famous night markets in QLD. One at Miami Marketta and another at Night Quarter. The training and industry has changed my life and I am only getting started!”

- Beau -

“I commenced my Diploma of Business at the start of Year
11 and was able to complete it in 12 months without
compromising on commitments to school work or curricular
activities. For me, the course assisted with my future
studies - it not only provided a place in university, it also
provided credit towards my business degree. I highly
recommend Barrington College's Diploma of Business. It's
an excellent course.”

 - Sarah Ledingham - [Diploma of Business - In-School Program]

(Former student at St. Hilda's Anglican School) 



“Studying at Barrington College has been rather great. From the first day of induction on the interaction in the classes, right until graduation. The topics would tend to get a bid side-trakced but you are able to share your experiences with the rest of your peers during the on-side training sessions. I personally felt that being in my twenties with work experience has helped me with my courses.

I appreciate all the staff at Barrington College Australia as they always go the extra mile to ensure that all the students are happy throughout the course. ”

- Jade Abels - [Diploma of Event Management & Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management]

"I had the most amazing study experience at Barrington College Australia. The campus is located in Southport near all the public transports, shops and restaurants which is very convenient for me. At the end of my course, I've the opportunity to do my placement at InterContinental Hotel Hayman Island Resort where I've a chance to practice and advance my cooking skill, communication and teamwork skills. I would highly recommend Barrington College for anyone."

- Diego Alberto Souza Da Silva - [Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality Management]

"My experience in Barrington College was a journey to remember. I studied Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at Barrington College Australia. The college has an inviting and welcoming atmostphere and all the staffs are friendly and supportive. They have complete kitchen tools and quipment to enhance my cooking skills and knowledge. They were very helpful to us during the pandemic as well, providing us with meals and food items for us to get by. Thank you Barrington College. I couldn't recommend enough."

- Christine Joy Estapon - [Certficate IV in Commercial Cookery]

When I first started studying the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, I didn't have much experience, but the course taught me everything that I needed to know. The trainers are great and the theory and practical classes are very well explained. The campus facilities are amazing.

Through the college's industry partnerships, I was able to complete the industry placement part of my studies at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, which was an amazing experience. I was able to put into practice the learnings from the course, and working with different chefs across different service periods increased my knowledge, skills and  confidence.

Thank you Barrington College Australia.”

- Vini Hanke - [Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery]

"It has been great studying at Barrington College Australia. The course was a mix of theoretically and practical training and all the staff were very helpful and friendly. I love that we all had a chance to prep, cook throughout the course which is a really good practices for placements and my career life. 

- Graciela G.Cruz - [Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery & Diploma of Hospitality Management]

" It was a great experience studying at Barrington College Australia. I am grateful for all of the support that I received from my trainers during my studies."

- Sabrina Mollmann Fadanelli - [Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery & Advanced Diploma in Hospitality]

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