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You and your friends have 24 hours to prepare a surprise birthday party. What do you do?

You have waited in line for ages to buy the thing you really liked, and the cashier says your card is declined. You’ve got no cash with you and the line goes forever. What do you do?

You’re assigned a group project for your class. What part are you taking care of?

If you were to buy a car, which characteristic would you most be looking for?

What’s your favourite musical instrument?

Do you like the idea of working in an office?

Which mission appeals to you the most?

Which description fits your computer the best?

How Does Your Personality Influence Your Career Path

You are a leader to your core. Always coming up with innovative ideas and easily making them functional, you enjoy working with your team and leading the way forward. You think practically, focus on what truly matters to you, and solve problems swiftly and efficiently. You’ll find your perfect career fit in business and entrepreneurship.

You enjoy adventures, love the world, and are excited and eager to conquer it. You’d be happy travelling your whole life with just one backpack and a map. You’re excited to meet new people, learn about different cultures, see nature’s miracles, and man-made wonders of the Earth. You’ll pursue your passion with a career in hospitality and tourism, that enables you mobility -- from working on the cruisers and superyachts and sailing the world, to hitting mainstream destinations to work in the world's finest tourist centres.

Everything revolves around creativity and comfort. You enjoy beautiful sights, arts and crafts, and most of all -- you’re an ultimate foodie. You enjoy trying out and making up recipes, and you always go a step further to make your food look at least as good as it tastes. You love leading the projects, but prefer to be behind the scenes. You excel at art. A career in commercial cookery could make your dreams come true, leading you to create amazing food art and become the world’s greatest chef.

You are very reasonable, simple, and down to earth. You enjoy random talks with strangers and love to make other people happy. You prefer taking care of day-to-day tasks that contribute to the bigger picture and help make progress as planned. You love walking around and enjoy having a dynamic job. You love spending time in fun, relaxed, yet beautiful places. Pursue a career in hospitality or event management, and you’ll find a 5+ star hotel to be your office before you know it.

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