Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV in Kitchen Management & Diploma of Hospitality Management
(Sous Chef)
SIT30821, SIT40521 & SIT50422

This triple qualification is a unique and specialised pathway to a career in the hospitality sector. The courses will empower students for professional and managerial roles in the global hospitality industry. Graduates will acquire skills to operate independently and have responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV in Kitchen Management and Diploma of Hospitality Management (Sous Chef) Triple Qualification

DURATION: 23 months of full-time study (20 hours per week)

COST: Not only are our courses of the highest quality, with world-class trainers, but we also offer some of the most affordable choices in Australia.

If that's not enough, our culinary students gain their practical skills at our modern on-campus commercial kitchen and internship opportunities (unpaid) with our partner Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels and Event centres.

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Full-time (20 hrs per week)

The triple qualifications are a full-time course with 20 hours per week of classroom delivery offered at our Barrington College Australia campus located in Southport, Gold Coast.

Upon enrolment, you will receive a timetable outlining class times, meal breaks, training room allocations, the name of your educator, course units and any practical placement information (if applicable).

This qualification consists of 40 units to complete.


• SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety (core)
• SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling practices (core)
• SITXWHS005 Participate in safe work practices (core)
• SITXWHS006 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks (elective)


• SITHCCC023 Use food preparation equipment (core)
• SITHCCC027 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery (core)
• SITHCCC028 Prepare appetisers and salads (core)
• SITHCCC029 Prepare stocks, sauces and soups (core)
• SITHCCC030 Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes (core)
• SITHKOP009 Clean kitchen premises and equipment (core)
• SITXINV006 Receive, store and maintain stock (core)
• SITHCCC026 Package prepared foodstuffs (elective)


• SITHCCC035 Prepare poultry dishes (core)
• SITHCCC037 Prepare seafood dishes (core)
• SITHCCC036 Prepare meat dishes (core)
• SITHCCC042 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements (core)
• SITHCCC031 Prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes (core)
• SITHCCC041 Produce cakes, pastries and breads (core)
• SITHPAT016 Produce desserts (core)
• SITHCCC038 Produce and serve food for buffets (elective)


• SITHKOP010 Plan and cost basic menus (core)
• SITHKOP012 Develop recipes for special dietary requirements (core)
• SITHKOP013 Plan cooking operations (core)
• SITHKOP015 Design & cost menus (elective)
• SITXWHS007 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (core)
• SITXFSA007 Transport and store food (elective)
• SITXFSA008 Plan and implement a food safety program (elective)
• SITHCCC043 Work effectively as a cook (core)


• SITXCOM010 Manage conflict (core)
• SITXFIN009 Manage finances within a budget (core)
• SITXHRM007 Coach others in job skills (core)
• SITXHRM008 Roster staff (elective)
• SITXHRM009 Lead and manage people (core)
• SITXMGT004 Monitor work operations (core)


• SITXCCS015 Enhance customer service experiences (core)
• SITXCCS016 Develop and manage quality customer service practices (core)
• SITXCCS014 Provide services to customers (elective)
• SITXMGT005 Establish and conduct business relationships (elective)


• SITXFIN010 Prepare and monitor budgets (elective)
• SITXGLC002 Identify and manage legal risks and comply with law (elective)

Credit Transfer

Barrington College Australia has established direct pathways into some of Australia's leading Universities enabling students entry into selected bachelor degrees with credit transfers, up to 12 months off their course saving time and money!

View University courses and credits available here.

Start Your Learning at Your Convenience

A rolling intake allows you to start the course whenever suits you. Study with flexible learning options and ongoing support.

Entry requirements
  • Completion of Year 10 (or equivalent) of secondary school and/ or demonstrated work experience.
  • Achievement of a satisfactory result in the College's Language, Literacy and Numeracy Admission Test.
  • An interview to gauge an applicant's aptitude and suitability to the intended course may be required at the College's discretion.

How to Enrol – a quick guide

  1. Fill out the Application form for International students (click here for application form).
  2. Submit the online form or send your completed PDF application form to [email protected].
  3. We will review your application form, if you are accepted, you will receive a Letter of Offer & "Course Acceptance Offer and Written Agreement" via email.
  4. Sign and return via email the Course Acceptance Offer and Written Agreement to Barrington College Australia Admissions Officer together with payment, for the amount specified in the "Letter of Offer" and any other requested documentation. Call us on +617 55625700, if you require any assistance.
  5. Following the receipt of these documents, you will be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment Form (CoE) which will allow you to obtain/renew an Australian Student Visa.

Enrolment Procedure:

Prior to enrolment, prospective students will receive a Letter of Offer which contains information on fees and charges, code of practice and refund policy. The course guide and student handbook are also available on our website. This contains information on entry requirements, the induction and orientation procedure, payment options and unit details. Course content and assessment procedures are explained and vocational outcomes are outlined in the course handbook and covered during the students orientation procedure in the first session.

Join us to learn more about becoming a chef

Are you interested in finding out more about how a Commercial Kitchen runs? Or about what jobs a chef actually does? We'd love to invite you to our Barrington College Australia campus for a personal guided tour of our facilities and watch our Chefs in action!

  • Visit us during our practical classes and watch our trainee Chefs at work.
  • Take a tour around our fully equipped, top of the range on-site kitchens.
  • Meet our Chefs and students and hear their stories about how they have taken a step towards achieving their dreams.
  • Find out more about how you can achieve your dreams.

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The SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management and SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management (Sous Chef)
provides you with the skills and knowledge to work globally

This specialised courses are advanced level courses, providing you with not only amazing cookery skills but also involve leading and coaching individuals or teams in a fully functional commercial kitchen.

Completion of this course will prepare students to work as qualified chefs and take up middle management roles in the hospitality sector.

This nationally recognised qualification is valued by industry. This course, provides a solid foundation for those seeking a career within the industry.


Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of formal recognition for skills and knowledge gained through previous learning such as:

  • Life experiences
  • Previous formal learning
  • Employment
  • Recreational or personal interests

You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning for part or all of your intended study, based on your previous experiences and learning. For more information regarding RPL and how to apply, please discuss this with your educator.

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have previously undertaken training through a Registered Training Organisation. Credit transfer may be granted for one or more units or a full certificate level.

Three major factors need to be considered:

  1. How current the qualification is
  2. Mapping to the current training and
  3. If the training was undertaken with a Registered Training Organisation.

If you think you may be eligible for a credit transfer you will need to provide the following:

  • The original Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate for your educators to sight
  • A copy of the Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate
  • Or a certified copy of your qualification signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP)




Diploma of Hospitality Management

6 (1) (1)

Diploma of Event Management

3 (1)

Dual Diploma of Hospitality & Event Management
SIT50322 & SIT50422



“I thoroughly enjoyed my study experience with Barrington College - they have great trainers with years of industry experience and its such a friendly campus. I completed my industry placement at the luxurious Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, which was a great experience and has helped to advance my career as a chef. My next career step is with the Star Sydney.

I Highly recommend Barrington College and the Gold Coast to international students who are seeking a uniquely Australian study and lifestyle experience.”

- CH Bujin -

Mongolia, Commercial Cookery Student


Barrington College Australia is a boutique, modern and vibrant campus with a central Gold Coast location offering convenient access to the major hubs of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Southport.
On-campus facilities include purpose-built commercial cookery kitchens, barista stations, training bars, bistro, meeting rooms, front office, housekeeping and concierge training areas.


Barrington College Australia is held in high regard by our current and previous students and businesses and the community that we work closely with. 
From providing the highest quality education to our world-class facilities and training materials we help our students excel.

Campus Facilities

Our facilities have been purpose-built to provide our students with a relaxed environment to learn and focus on their training. With state of the art kitchens and some of Australia's best trainers to pass on their skills and experience in cooking.

Industry Partnerships

Our Industry Placement Partnerships are with some of the leading names on the Gold Coast, and around the country. They have been chosen to provide the best professional and personal growth opportunities with the ability to focus on specialist skills.

Do you think you've got what it takes to be a Chef? Or do you want to learn a bit more about how Barrington College Australia can help you achieve your dreams?

Book a personalised campus tour and study consultation with one of our student recruitment representatives and learn how we can help you follow your passion and achieve your career goals.

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