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Imagine your life as a world class chef.

Fame, money, travelling anywhere you want in the world - and then throw in the personal fulfillment you will get from working in a rewarding career with excellent employment opportunities.

The adrenaline during a dinner rush, putting together fresh menu items, selecting the best ingredients, ensuring guests have a wonderful experience and working with creative, passionate people: these are just a few reasons why working in the hospitality sector could be the right choice for you.

Add in global opportunities and the ability to work almost anywhere in the world, and you’ll see why so many other people make the decision to work in hospitality.




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Are you interested in finding out more about how a Commercial Kitchen runs? Or about what jobs a chef actually does? We'd love to invite you to our Barrington College Australia campus for a personal guided tour of our facilities and watch our Chefs in action!

  • Visit us during our practical classes and watch our trainee Chefs at work.
  • Take a tour around our fully equipped, top of the range on-site kitchens.
  • Meet our Chefs and students and hear their stories about how they have taken a step towards achieving their dreams.
  • Find out more about how you can achieve your dreams.

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Barrington College Australia is a boutique, modern and vibrant campus with a central Gold Coast location offering convenient access to the major hubs of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Southport.
On-campus facilities include purpose-built commercial cookery kitchens, barista stations, training bars, bistro, meeting rooms, front office, housekeeping and concierge training areas.


Barrington College Australia is held in high regard by our current and previous students and businesses and the community that we work closely with. 
From providing the highest quality education to our world-class facilities and training materials we help our students excel.

Campus Facilities

Our facilities have been purpose-built to provide our students with a relaxed environment to learn and focus on their training. With state of the art kitchens and some of Australia's best trainers to pass on their skills and experience in cooking.

Industry Partnerships

Our Industry Placement Partnerships are with some of the leading names on the Gold Coast, and around the country. They have been chosen to provide the best professional and personal growth opportunities with the ability to focus on specialist skills.

Potential Careers

Restaurant or Cafe Chef

Whether you want to work as an executive or sous chef and run a large kitchen or specialise in one of the many areas of working in a professional kitchen such as sauces or desserts, working in a kitchen can be an exciting and rewarding role.

Commercial Cookery class at Barrington College

Running your own catering business

From providing catering services to events such as weddings or other large events to preparing ready-made meals - running your own business can utilise a wide range of your skills.  To excel you will need to make use of qualities such as customer service, business management along with the ability to prepare and cook meals.

Pastry Chef

Do you love creating? Maybe even a bit of sweet tooth?!  Creating stunning cakes or baked goods whether commercially or from home could be considered the perfect job by many. From choosing flavours, ingredients and colours and then combining them into an amazing masterpiece, the only limit in what you can achieve is your imagination!

Pastry Chef


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“I thoroughly enjoyed my study experience with Barrington College - they have great trainers with years of industry experience and its such a friendly campus. I completed my industry placement at the luxurious Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, which was a great experience and has helped to advance my career as a chef. My next career step is with the Star Sydney.

I Highly recommend Barrington College and the Gold Coast to international students who are seeking a uniquely Australian study and lifestyle experience.”

- CH Bujin -

Mongolia, Commercial Cookery Student

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What it takes to work in the restaurant industry in Australia

The adrenaline during a dinner rush, putting together fresh menu items, selecting the best ingredients, ensuring guests have a wonderful experience and working with creative, passionate people: these are just a few reasons why Australians choose to work in the restaurant industry.


Why People Choose to Work In Hospitality

Do you spend hours on Instagram checking out travel photos? If you had unlimited funds, would you spend every day in 5-star hotels? Have you ever dreamt of cruising all over the world, going between exotic ports?


Global opportunities in the hotel and event industry

If you are looking for a career that allows you the option to travel and work in beautiful locations, then you want to think about a career in the hotel industry.

Do you think you've got what it takes to be a Chef? Or do you want to learn a bit more about how Barrington College Australia can help you achieve your dreams?


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