5 Best Courses to Study in Australia

Have you been intrigued by the idea of studying abroad in Australia?

Who hasn’t, right? It is a beautiful, distant land offering the potential of a once in a lifetime adventure and experience.

Studying in Australia isn’t always simple -- and if you’re seriously considering the idea, then doing some thorough research and planning is definitely worth your time.

If you’re looking for advanced education outside of an university exchange scope, vocational training and education is your best option. VET courses are designed to provide you with both technical knowledge and practical skills, and are usually a shorter duration than a University Degree studies would be.

VET courses are the best choice for international students who want to get an education in Australia -- they are short-term and budget-friendly.

If you still can’t decide what to study, here are the five best VET courses to study in Australia that you’ll gain the most benefits.

Advanced Hospitality Course

Hospitality is rated as being one of the most rewarding industries to work in. With the number of tourists continuously increasing year after year, the range of job opportunities has never been wider.

While on this course, you will learn a lot about communicating with people and serving all types of customers -- from adventurous hikers, and relentless party maniacs, to businessmen and contemporary digital nomads.

You will seize what it takes to make your offer unique, and your service irreplaceable. You will master how to be a good team player, an exquisite team leader, and a hospitality entrepreneur extraordinaire.

You’ll get practical experience in the role by being provided with job placement within your field of study, suitable for your future career development.

After you’re done, you will receive an official certificate. You will enrich your CV within the segments of education and working experience and then if you do your networking well, you may end up with some strong recommendations, followed by the potential for many new employment opportunities.

At Barrington College, we offer internships at 5+ star hotels on the Gold Coast.

If you want to study further -- this certificate will open the door to a Bachelor’s degree: When you graduate with the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality you can articulate into a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management with up to 12 credits. This means that you could graduate with a degree in just over 12 months of study. At least if you study with us -- you could!

Hospitality Management Course

A hospitality management course will empower you for professional and managerial roles in the hospitality industry. You will train to become a leader, opening the opportunity to climb the career ladder faster than your fellow competitors.

VET education always offers practical guidance, meaning you’ll get to do an internship and leave with newly gained work experience that will help you get that job you want.

Depending on the pathway you choose, you can either plan your career as a hotel manager leading a 5+ star hotel chain, or operate your own kitchen at famous hotels and restaurants with a 2-year long waiting list of people who want to eat your food.

The possibilities are endless -- if you’re an extrovert that enjoys providing comfort and enticing hedonism, then the hospitality industry could be your destined shot. So why not aim high?

Business Course

Are you a curious adventurer, always working on building something yours, something unique -- something humanity desperately needs? Then you better turn that entrepreneurial spirit into a passion-driven business of your own!

You will learn how to research business opportunities, build a successful team, and be a team player and a good leader. You will walk away knowing how to develop a business plan, what beginner mistakes to avoid, and how to start your own small business.

This course will help you seize excellent employment opportunities in human resources, marketing, banking, accounting, and independent entrepreneurship.

If you’d like to make educational progress, this certificate opens the pathway toward Bachelor’s Degree and MBA.

When you graduate with the BSB50120 Diploma of Business at Barrington College, you can articulate into a Bachelor of Business with up to 8 credits in Australia.

Beginner’s Commercial Cookery

Is your favourite time of the day making your close ones happy with a wonderfully prepared meal? Are you trying to find your way into the awe-inspiring cookery industry?

Then the Beginner’s Commercial Cookery course is an ideal entry-level solution for you. Commercial kitchens offer rewarding careers and worldwide employment opportunities -- for those who know where to begin.

You will gain massive industry knowledge and an understanding of international industry trends and standards. You will develop a wide range of cookery skills.

Besides technical knowledge, you will gain practical experience, having an opportunity to intern at 5+ star kitchens and learn from the best chefs there are. This course is a great foundation for developing a successful chef career.

Kitchen Management

Are you all of the above, but with already established experience in commercial kitchens? Are you enjoying cookery, but would love to be the boss of the kitchen yourself? Then Certificate IV in Kitchen Management is your best choice.

This qualification will open the pathway to endless employment opportunities in 5 & 7-star hotels, cruise ships, superyachts and Michelin-star restaurants. The course lasts around 70 weeks, depending on where you decide to study. The opportunities arising afterwards are also the aftermath of your college choice -- taking into consideration your trainers and internship experience.

Studying Commercial Cookery at Barrington College, you’ll gain their practical skills within a 5-star kitchen at the Gold Coast Event Centre (Turf Club).

The practical experience involves leading teams and coaching individuals in a well-equipped commercial kitchen.

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