What to Expect from Studying Abroad in Australia

Your thoughts are moving towards ‘down under’. As much as you’re trying to imagine what it’s like to study abroad in Australia, you probably end up with vague, yet spectacular short films playing in your head. Surfing with a kangaroo included.:) So let’s loop you in a bit and help you get a clearer picture of what studying abroad in Australia is really like.

First things first:

What your expectations depend on?

Your experience will depend on what kind of education you are going for. You won’t set the same expectations for going on to chase a University degree, doing a One-semester course, or hitting a VET course. And before you switch your thoughts to surfing, beaches, and cute animals, you should think of requirements and procedures, as you’ll have to dedicate some time to getting that stuff done too. Start with the application process. What requirements you have to meet to enrol? What type of visa do you need? How to apply? It can be exhausting, but it’s very well worth it. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed but valuable option, a private college VET course may be just perfect choice for you.

So, what to expect?


If you’re looking to enrol into University and stay more than three months, you’ll have to apply for a student visa. The application process is quite easy — everything is done online. You may need to submit some additional documentation too. PRO TIP: If you’re going for a VET course to study a vocational subject, and stay for three months or a bit less, you may be able to get on with a regular tourist visa, and save yourself some time and money.


Let’s face it: Australia isn’t cheap. Aside from paying for education, you may need to consider living costs, if they’re not included in your ‘studying package’.  Aside from saving money before you go, you can plan a part-time job while in Australia. Your visa will allow you to work part time, and if you go for a vocational education, you may be able to find a part time job that allows developing those skills.

Perks of studying abroad in Australia

This also depends on what kind of studies you’re going for. If you’re going for a scientific degree, you may even get on a great beach view from your lab. If you’re going for a shorter exchange, you’ll probably be able to squeeze in more free time. If you’re going to a part time course, you’ll probably end up with a surfing course alongside. Because — who wouldn’t, right?   PRO TIP: You will want to plan your adventures in advance though — if you want to head somewhere on weekends, or just explore the city, you’ll be able to see and enjoy much more than if you randomly try to get it all. By the way — always check for student discounts🙂  Expect:

  • A proper jet lag — the struggle is real, mate.
  • Being called ‘mate’ at least five times a day.
  • High prices of bottled water.
  • Snorkeling with wild (yet friendly) ocean life.
  • Breathtaking sunsets.
  • Ease of mind.
  • Beach volleyball.
  • Incredibly warm climate.
  • A world of its own in the southern hemisphere.

What not to expect

As realistic as it sounds, it’s highly unlikely that a wild animal will jump into your bedroom. And those bugs you imagine crawling across your body while you sleep — you probably won’t even see a single one while you’re here. Kangaroos won’t be sitting next to you in the restaurants, nor will crocodiles be around every corner. (This is just to keep your expectations from becoming like a horror movie.:) ) Crazy parties all day long? Not really. But beach vibes strongly make up for it. Australian English is a bit different — yes, but it’s not a different language, and you’ll be able to understand everything without difficulties. Even though it’s not cheap, not everything is expensive. Missing out on a beautiful day out and staying in to Skype with friends and family? Timezones can make this challenging. The advantage, however, is that you’ll be living in one of the most amazing countries in the world.

This is once in a lifetime

One thing is for sure: As much as you try, wherever you go, no where is a match for Australia. You’ll love it here. You’ll cry when it’s time to go. You’ll remember it as long as you live. And you’ll be happy for it.

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