How You Can Make A Fortune & Travel the World Working as A Chef

Do you enjoy spending time cooking delicious food? Are your friends chasing you to have them over for dinner, or make your famous cake for every upcoming birthday? Would you rather be paid to cook  than to go after an ambitious business career?

Amazing recipes don’t have a price tag. Famous restaurants serving incredible food are booked years ahead. People around the globe are paying insane amounts to feel the pleasure of that bite.

Meaning: an opportune, prestigious career in commercial cookery is reality.

Adding to this there seems to be a lack of great chefs, and as the demand is greater, the price follows as well. Considering your love for making heavenly dishes, investing in commercial cookery education may be the best investment you’ll ever make.

We’ll tell you a story of how you can make your fortune and travel the world working as a chef, and you decide if you want to make that story yours.

Set the sails!

The Best Recipes Start From Scratch

You know this too well: pre-mixed ingredients can never bring the magic of a dish made from scratch.

You’ll understand then that half-perfected skills can’t come near to professionally shaped techniques.

Unless you’ve already worked in a kitchen and perfected the basics, or you can swear to make the dream-come-true meal if woken up at 3 am, you should seriously consider starting from scratch.

Start by taking a beginner course in kitchen operations, and work under direct supervision to learn all the tricks that make up the “field preparation” magic. You will master the initial skills and reduce the time and energy you waste going through the initial processes -- leaving much more time and creativity for the most important part -- cooking up the magically prepared ingredients.

This course can take from 6 to 12 months, according to your preferences. If you decide to take a VET course, you will gain a national qualification that will open the door to kitchen operations employment for you. You may also be eligible for government funding -- in which case you won’t even feel the cost of your education.

Spice it up: spread the word

After completing the course, make sure you get your deserved recommendations, cook up your CV and a cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd, and apply for jobs at hotels and restaurants that you’d love to start your career in.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a job right away -- but be creative in approaching the application process, and always ask what you could have done better. It will help you better shape your story for the next interview.

Work on getting valuable experience that will you the opportunity to apply for roles in some of the most famous kitchens around the world. Wherever you go -- the world is your oyster.

Did someone say Chef?

Once you gain some work experience, dedicate some time to advance your knowledge and skill. After you complete the initial commercial kitchens course, you can proceed to perfect your skills to become a sous-chef, and soon after -- THE chef.

You can get to work as a chef’s assistant to free your creative spirit, and eventually make your way up the ranks to managing a fully equipped commercial kitchen.

If you study commercial cookery with Barrington College, you get to do your internship at 5-7 star hotels, working with the best chefs at the Gold Coast.

Devoting some time to getting technical knowledge and practical experience and learning from the best will help you fast-track your career and get to the more prestigious workplaces much sooner than if you’d waited for others to recognise your talent and potential.

Travel The World

Being a successful, in-demand chef opens up the opportunity of being able to work anywhere in the world. Jobs on cruise ships, superyachts, and at famous hotels and restaurants will all be available to you. You can choose to sail the world while working in your kitchen-temple, or to fly from one place to another and try different amazing kitchens all around the world.

Oh, and we’ll just leave this here -- the most famous chefs around the world make millions per year.

Use The Internet

Of course, it takes a bit more than incredible cooking skills and magic in order to conquer the world. You need to make sure people know about you. Use the benefits of the internet to promote yourself and your food. Your choice is very wide: food suits each social channel in a different way. Go with YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest -- or with all three. A FB page will help you promote your personal brand as well. Discovering the basics of social media promotion is just a few clicks away with a free search, and dedicating less than an hour per day to it, can help you in building a famous name, that is cooking famous Insta story recipes all around the world.

Want to find out more about cookery courses at Barrington College? Follow our lead!


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