How to Find Nationally Recognised Online Courses in Australia

A busy world calls for busy times: everything and everyone is always in a hurry. Spending most of the day at work and losing precious time in commute -- fitting another important thing into your schedule is next to impossible.

However, with the world -- the education grows too, and thanks to modern technology, you can reach it with a single click, without even having to leave your house.

Whether you’re a very busy professional looking to up-skill, an international student seeking entrance to Australian education, or a beginner who simply enjoys being flexible and not going to the classroom -- online courses are just the right choice.

Nationally Recognised Online Courses

When it comes to vocational education and training courses, we’re seeing an innovative shift to the online world. Education that was only accessible by classroom is now being extended to other media, allowing you to study wherever you are and whenever you feel like it.

While there are a ton of different courses to find online -- from short YouTube videos, free courses on Udemy, Coursera, and similar websites, to paid courses on company and personal websites, it is important to carefully look for those providers who are truly nationally recognised and followed by a legitimate certification or diploma.

Where to Look?

Online VET courses will be provided by Registered Training Organisations that have been providing vocational education and training in Australia -- and have decided to meet contemporary students’ needs and make some of their courses available online.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the RTO providing the courses is legitimately registered and complies to ASQA regulations. Here you can find the list of registered RTOs in Queensland, and Google will easily let you find out whether the RTO of your choice has been legitimately registered or not.

After you’ve narrowed down your RTO choice, find each of them online. Every legitimate RTO will have an official website. Their website will inform you about their course delivery in no time.

Once you’ve found which organisations offer online courses, it’s time for comparison shopping. Compare all the courses you’ve found from each college -- from price and duration, materials, to your personal feelings and preferences.

Other students’ testimonials can encourage or discourage you to apply, and that’s okay: make sure you choose the provider you trust. Make sure you contact the college in person before you apply.

To narrow down the search, browse specifically for RTOs that provide the course you’re interested in taking. You’ll end up with a smaller list to do background checks on and need less further research to find the right course for yourself.

Learn how to enrol in an RTO course here.

How Does It Work?

Online courses give you absolute flexibility and autonomy when it comes to class schedule, location, exam terms, and  your personal situation.

The courses usually follow the blueprint of classroom delivery, having the same amount of time dedicated and using the same textbooks and additional literature.

Each class is recorded and followed by a presentation, and it’s up to you to create your own schedule of “going to classes” (or, if lying on a couch and pressing the play button!). You’ll be able to rewind and replay each video as much as you need, which provides the option to come back if you haven’t heard or understood something well. You will be provided with PDF versions of your course materials, and you’ll still have some work to do on your own as you’d take it home if you were in the classroom.

You will have access to college staff and educators and the freedom to ask any questions you may have.

What Kind of Nationally Recognised Courses Can I Hope to Find Online?

Even though technology allows significant flexibility, not every course is tailored to fit the screen. Courses that mostly consist of practical segments and focus on hands-on knowledge and experience will most likely not be provided online.

For example, a cookery course will not be available online -- and even if you had the option of watching the classes online, you’d still have to take time to show up at practical courses and internship sessions at a restaurant.

Hospitality, cookery, retail, construction and similar industries’ courses will be harder to find online, whereas you’ll easily find options for online courses in business, leadership and management.

Barrington College offers online courses of Business, Human Resources Management, and Leadership and Management - all resulting with a nationally recognised Diploma.

Are You Up For It?

As an RTO ourselves, we understand the significance of providing online education and supporting the speed and velocity of today’s modern world. We’re proud to make a shift in our delivery model in order to make students happy and provide them with an easier solution.

If you need more information or further help with enroling in an online course, feel free to reach out and we’ll be glad to help you with the process, wherever you decide to go. Contact us on 07 5562 5700 or email us at [email protected] for more information. 

Now that your education is just a click away from you -- don’t let another excuse get in the way. Set your goals, find the perfect fit for yourself, and never forget to dream big!

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