Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Your passport has stamps on it from all over the world. You have friends on almost every continent. You spend all your free time planning your next trip. You can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include travel and adventure.

It’s safe to say: you’re a travel enthusiast.

For some people, entering into the working world means leaving their love of travel behind. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Did you know your career choice could actually let you travel and experience more of the world?


The important thing is choosing a career that takes your traveling lifestyle into account, ideally a job that you can do anywhere or that leads you to new parts of the world.

If you’re trying to figure out a career that lets you collect a paycheck and passport stamps, read on.

International hospitality opportunities

Every hotel, restaurant, festival, airline, ski resort and cruise ship needs professionals to run them well and give their guests a wonderful experience. Whether that means becoming the general manager of an island resort in Maldives or sailing across the world on a luxury cruise ship while entertaining guests, there’s so much that can be done in hospitality.

Best of all, it doesn’t limit you to where you can live or where you can go. Have you dreamed of living in Italy or helping plan a music festival? There are opportunities in hospitality that will let you do the things you want and live in the places you’ve always wanted to live. Your work can take you all over the world and these skills are highly in demand.

These jobs aren’t just limited to people who want to be traveling the world. Perhaps you love helping people plan trips. A career as a travel agent or travel blogger might be a perfect fit. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be your own boss. You can open up a boutique hotel in your hometown and show people the best your town has to offer. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to work for a larger company. Having experience in hospitality can set you up for a corporate job in an airline, cruise ship or hotel’s headquarters.

Hospitality jobs can be competitive, especially since the industry is close-knit with friends hiring friends or former colleagues. It’s important to have an advantage and proper training and there are plenty of options that won’t require a university degree.

Travel for business

Business happens all over the world and face-to-face meetings are a must for building trust and good communication between clients, partners and vendors. That’s why so many business people spend much of their careers travelling all over the world, assessing projects, meeting clients or considering new markets to expand into.

While perhaps it’s a less common path for travelling, business travel can be one of the best ways to see the world. Not only are you accumulating airline and hotel reward points that you can later use on your own personal vacation, but the company is also picking up the tab for your hotel, airfare and food during the trip.

Another bonus? Usually, a business trip has downtime. Go visit downtown, eat at one of the local restaurants or absorb some of the local cultures.

Business travel can come from many different jobs including sales, marketing, accounting and much more. If business travel is a must-have, make sure you ask about any travel during the interview phase of your job search.

Again, proper training and education are required for most of these highly-competitive jobs. You’ll want to be sure you have the credentials and education necessary to prove you’re capable of not only travelling but have the right skills to do the job.

Experience the world through food

When you travel, do you make sure to visit every restaurant you can and sample the local cuisine? A career in kitchen operations and food service may be for you.

There are restaurants and cooks in every city, country and continent around the world and they need trained staff who can prepare mouthwatering meals for their guests.

You could serve as a chef in the first class cabin of an international flight, prepare tableside meals on a cruise ship or even launch your own restaurant in another part of the world, offering the food and flavours from your country or culture.

Another bonus of working with food? The people around you tend to be from diverse backgrounds. Culinary work attracts people from all over the world and you’ll be able to work alongside people from different places. Even if you never leave the restaurant kitchens, you may still come into contact with folks who speak different languages and bring their own culture to the kitchen.

But you can’t just walk into any kitchen and start cooking! Many restaurants require training in how to handle food, prepare ingredients and other culinary best practices.

Travel while you train

Or maybe now is the time to travel-- but you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to learn! It’s possible to fly to new places, meet new people and pick up new languages while getting training and education that you can apply when you do decide to work.

Online courses can be a globetrotter’s best bet since, as long as you have time and an internet connection, you can study from anywhere in the world.

Your campus could be Rome, Thailand or Montreal. You can take your courses in a French cafe or a hostel in Iceland. The opportunities are endless for someone who loves to travel-- but also wants to learn and prepare for their career.

Your future is arriving now

Getting the skills you need doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice exploration and travel; it may only be the beginning of an exciting life of adventure.

If you’re not sure how your travel plans can fit into your future, contact Barrington College Australia on 07 5562 5700 or [email protected] help you tailor your education and career to fit your dreams.

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