Why People Choose to Work In Hospitality

Do you spend hours on Instagram checking out travel photos?

If you had unlimited funds, would you spend every day in 5-star hotels?

Have you ever dreamt of cruising all over the world, going between exotic ports?

Do you spend hours on Instagram checking out travel photos?

If you had unlimited funds, would you spend every day in 5-star hotels?

Have you ever dreamt of cruising all over the world, going between exotic ports?

Do you hope for a career that offers a huge amount of diversity and variety?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you already understand at least one of the reasons why people choose to work in hospitality.

What is hospitality?

Simply put, hospitality is an industry that revolves around tourism, event planning, travel and entertainment. From the person who plans a music festival with 30,000 attendees to someone who creates shore excursions on a cruise ship to the owner of a bed and breakfast, they all work in the hospitality industry where they help their guests and clients have the best experience possible.

You probably interact with hospitality professionals on a regular basis anytime you travel or visit a new place, but why do so many people choose this industry?

Why hospitality?

The hospitality industry is booming, especially in Australia, so demand for event planners, hotel managers, caterers and other hospitality jobs is very high and should stay that way. You’ll have no trouble finding work in an environment that offers lots of variety; there are always new guests to entertain, new challenges to overcome and new creative ideas to dream up.

Most experts believe that Millenials and the generations after them will be spending considerable amounts of time and money on experiences. This is good news for any job connected to tourism, travel and events-- and that means hospitality jobs will continue to be in-demand.

Work anywhere

Since hospitality is an international industry, there’s no limit to where you can work. If you’re feeling nomadic, there’s potential for you to work almost anywhere on earth. You could spend years working aboard a cruise ship, seeing the world and then managing a winery in Italy before returning home to open your own boutique hotel on the Gold Coast.

You’re not limited to working within a hotel or cruise ship either. There are corporate jobs in airlines, hotel groups and more that require people who have hospitality expertise to make decisions about marketing, operations, accounting and more. If a 9 to 5 job is more your style, hospitality still has plenty to offer.

Set yourself up for your own business

Have you dreamt of being an entrepreneur? Hospitality is a great place to focus your small business efforts. Because of the demand for tourism, you might set up your own cafe, open a line of trendy micro hotels, start your own festival or become a consultant for those who are opening their own business, drawing on the expertise and knowledge you’ve gained while helping guests or planning events.

It’s easier to start a business when there’s a huge demand for what you’re doing, so if self-employment is a dream of yours, there are few better industries to focus on than hospitality.

Work your creative mind

If you’re a creative person, it’s tough to have a job where you can’t use your creativity to solve problems or make decisions. Luckily, working in hospitality, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

From overcoming challenges-- like what to do when the hotel pool shuts down on a hot, sunny summer day-- to fun opportunities like choosing the branding for the music festival you’re planning or advising a bride and groom on which wedding venue to choose, hospitality lets your creative side run wild.

Your guests and clients will always want new ways of being surprised, so you’ll be able to dream up new ideas, like offering fresh baked cookies when they sign into their hotel room or adding trendy new dishes to the cruise ship’s menu. New ideas are valuable in hospitality-- and if you can dream them up, you’ll make your mark.

Earn a good living

Wages and benefits are worth mentioning when it comes to hospitality. Even the median wages will give you a comfortable lifestyle and there’s a clear path to working your way up the ladder and receiving promotions and raises.

But there are fringe benefits, too. Not only are you not doing the same old thing every day, but you’ll also be a part of parties, big events and meet people from all over the world. You’ll have a flexible schedule that accommodates your personal life. You have the flexibility to work at the places you want.

When going to work doesn’t feel like work, your entire standard of living goes way up.

How do you work in hospitality?

Because of the high demand for hospitality professionals, you may be able to find a position easier than in other industries.

However, hospitality jobs are competitive. Many companies require education, training or experience before they’ll extend a job offer. The industry also relies on a network of people who’ve worked together in the past-- so if you don’t have many contacts in the industry, it might be tricky to get your foot in the door. Many managerial, director or corporate positions will require additional training, so if growth is important to you, continued learning is key.

The good news is that there are programs devoted to helping people gain these hospitality skills and credentials-- and even introduce you to industry insiders to help you break into your first hospitality job. The programs are focused on real, applicable lessons taught by industry professionals and tend to be very hands-on. The instructors know exactly what you need to be successful.

Whether you’re looking for a fun, creative job that lets you travel the globe, or a career that provides a high-demand, stable path, hospitality could be your best bet for an enjoyable, rewarding lifestyle.

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