Study abroad in Australia: Do You Know All Your Options?

To most people, studying abroad means one thing: going to university. But for many international students, being accepted to a university is challenging unless they have exactly the right qualifications.

If you’ve always wanted to study in Australia, the good news is that education options have changed considerably for students hoping to enrol in a study abroad program-- and some options can lead to university.

Before making a decision about your next steps, make sure you know about a smart option that many international students pursue: education from an accredited Registered Training Organisation.

A Registered Training Organisation, or RTO, offers vocational training for students in fields like hospitality, business, management and more. You’ll work in a hands-on classroom setting, learning from experts in their field and building skills that you can apply immediately.


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Why do international students study at an RTO?

There are so many benefits to studying at an RTO-- and it’s why 1 in 4 international students choose them!

RTOs offer VET services, or vocational education and training, and international students go this route for a few smart reasons:

They Want to Explore Their Options

Some students want to try a few classes that interest them to help them choose a career path and explore their options. Whether you’re 18 or 88, it can be tough to decide what you want to do, where to work and what you enjoy. By taking a few classes and immersing yourself in a new culture, you just might find the path you’re meant to take. Life’s too short to work in a field you don’t enjoy-- and way too short to not live somewhere new for a while!

They Want Skills Now

Many savvy students know they need practical skills they can immediately put to use. They can’t imagine spending years in university before getting back to work; they need skills now that will help them earn more money and work a satisfying job. These students know that jobs in hospitality and business are in high-demand all over the world-- and they’re ready to do what it takes to improve their career by gaining new skills and meeting new people.

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They Want to Diversify Their Skills

Additionally, some students are planning to diversify their existing skills-- and it doesn’t require a lengthy university education. It’s wise to keep your skills fresh and relevant to compete for new jobs, earn a raise and continue growing. An RTO can give you those skills without requiring a huge time investment while still offering fantastic instructors. This could also be the best chance for a student to change the direction of their career.

VET Helps Build Up Your CV With Experience

Employers love to see foreign work experience. While getting an education at an RTO, many student visas allow for a part-time job or internship. This means you can build up your CV with international credentials and show your ability to work with different cultures and adapt to new environments. The education here happens both in and out of the classroom, helping you understand Australian business practices and customs. Best of all, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in both the classroom and in an internship right away.

VET is A Pathway to University Education

As you may know, many international students hoping to study in Australia find it difficult to enrol in a university immediately. Whether they’ve been rejected due to missing qualifications or haven’t been accepted into a university yet, an RTO can help. By offering new skills, qualifications and credits, an RTO education can be a stepping stone to university while helping an international student become acquainted with the teaching styles in Australia.

Why students choose an RTO depends on their goals, skills and many other factors, but clearly an RTO education can be the best solution for many people who wish to study abroad in Australia and explore diverse courses. Although an RTO is perhaps a lesser-known option, it’s certainly a smart option.

Not sure where to start?

Studying abroad isn’t as difficult as you might think, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have questions as you go along.

Grab our free International Students’ Guide to Landing in Australia to help you figure out everything from what to pack to what to do when you arrive.

Studying abroad in Australia with an RTO can give you the international adventure you’ve always wanted while giving you tons of marketable skills. No matter where your career takes you, you’ll have valuable experience that will set you apart from your co-workers, and other job applicants and perhaps even give you the guidance on where to focus your efforts and time.

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